War Thunder: declares a world war

Do you know what military MMO needs? Obviously more war. And this is exactly what the MMO Action War Thunder now offers, opening a beta version for the world war before the end of the first season June 10.

"The new game regime gives players the opportunity to reproduce the famous battles of the Second World War, to go In the footsteps of history or completely change its course, "the developers explain. "In the game, these battles are organized in operations that are based on real events and combat campaigns, such as the battle of El Alamine or the Vitebsk battle. Any parties can move air and ground armies on a strategic map, and when these armies are found, their collision is allowed using the battle between the players. The results of these battles can have a significant impact on the outcome of the operation, since the defeated party retreats and loses vehicles or even a whole regiment. The operation can take up to two hours, depending on the permission of the battles. " Participation in the battle.

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