War Thunder: New Content will appear very soon

Gaijan Entertainment announced that new content will soon appear in War Thunder. The introduction of a new aiming system, roll mechanics and overturning of ships, cunning and much more are expected. At the moment, there was no large update, but you can take part in the closed testing of the upcoming innovations at the moment. To do this, you need to purchase a marine set that opens access to testing.

Closed testing will be available:

  • New game mechanics;
  • A new type of mission With several capture points;
  • a new warship is a German destroyer like 1936;
  • a new version of the mission on the Fiji map - "sea superiority";
  • testing It will take place in two modes, arcade and realistic, to check new aiming and shooting systems;
  • the new aiming and shooting system;
  • Arcade boosts for ships and torpedo weapons;
  • Improved naval cunning;
  • manual targeted to secondary weapons groups;
  • mechanics of Kren and Overkil of ships;
  • The possibility of canceling the processes of struggle for survivability;
  • new indicators to different groups of guns;
  • shells with radio speakers (available only for destroyers such as "flletcher");
  • increased the display range of markers of torpedoes.

b Oley can be read in detail about testing here.

In addition, for all users from July 28 to August 28, the action "Operation L.E.T.O" will be held. Performing the tasks of the promotion, each player will receive insignia that can be exchanged for prizes and awards. More details on the official page of the action.

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