WARCRAFT 3: ReForged: will come out at the beginning of 2020

WARCRAFT 3: Reformged, announced on BlizzCon 2018, is a complete remister of the magnificent RTS Warcraft 3 from Blizzard, created from scratch with new art and animation. It was expected that the project would be released somewhere at the end of 2019, but as a year passed, this idea became doubtful. Today, Blizzard confirmed that the full version of the game should be released on January 28, 2020.

The processed game includes the full campaign of Warcraft 3: Reign of Chaos and the expansion of The Frozen Throne, adding more than 60 missions to seven single campaigns . The characters, structures, environment, animation and visual effects were converted, but the original voice acting was preserved to maintain "The authenticity of Warcraft 3."

Reformed will also include the new World Editor editor with a set of new tools.

Warcraft 3: Reformged is already available for preliminary purchase.

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