Warframe announces the following updates during stream

Digital Extreme spoke about their plans for Action Warframe on their first direct broadcast for developers this year, offering a brief overview of two main content updates that will appear in the game in the first half of 2022.

first of all , this is an update of Echoes of War, which will be released on Wednesday, February 9th. The update will provide additional content of the New War, as well as four new additions, improvement of the weapon generator and much more. Echoes of War also marks the return of the event of Star Days.

in the spring of 2022, players can expect another large update called "Angels of Zariman", which will include two new game modes, new warframe, the subsequent quest " New War "and, if everything goes according to plan, the processing of the enemies of the Eximus.

The team also demonstrated new premium skins and new opportunities for setting up characters that will appear in the science fiction MMO. You can see the full stream of developers below. You can also switch to the official Warframe website for additional information.

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