Warframe expects an addition to "Angels of Zariman"

Digital Extreme has released a large number of new information about the future update of the Warframe shooter "Angels of Zariman" and officially confirmed the date of its release. "Angels of Zariman" will be released on April 27 and will become a direct continuation of the December addition "New War."

as reported last month, the update will present a new chain of tasks, new side tasks, new NPCs Zariman and Syndicate, as well as a new The social center called chrysolit. Chryzalitis will be the first social center in history to allow players to carry out procedurally generated missions without a single loading screen. On board the Zariman ship, custom -made apartments will also be available, which players will be able to furnish and decorate to their liking.

to Angels of Zariman will also be added a new 49 warframe called Gira. Like a wave, Gira can direct the power of electricity in order to quickly deal with its enemies, but this warframe has a completely different set of skills that focus on the control of crowds and damage on the area.

"Destroy" "Destroy Enemies with the help of the conductivity of coils and transmitters and create an insurmountable impulse, playing for 49 warframe, giru. Keep under control the energetic style of the game to control the course of any mission and have a chance to cause critical damage for each electric status acting on the enemy. "

players will also gain access to three new types of missions - flood Voids, a cascade of emptiness and an armoredon of emptiness - the first of which is an endless mission based on a parking lot, where players will need to collect the spheres of void to get the energy of emptiness that can be used for repair. The faults of the void that appear throughout the mission.

"The longer these faults of the void remain open, the more debuffs you open for yourself. You can get these areas from fallen enemies or in clusters that appear for those who like parkour. The sealing of three faults completes the wave and gives rise to a mini-boss, which you must win, after which the cycle continues in a real endless manner of missions! "

go to the official Warframe website to find out more about the update of the" Angels of Zariman ".

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