Warframe: Jovian Concord update will be released next week

Next week, the Warframe shooter will receive a large Jovian Concord update and developers, Digital Extreme, decided to tell a little what will be expected by players with its exit. A gas city will be modernized with completely updated graphics, tile sets and sound design. You will be waiting for new opponents in the very bowels of the gas city of the gas city - Amalgama.

A completely new endless regime of destruction. It will need to collect the keys to the fallen Amalgas to activate the corresponding channels, then protect these channels from the destroyers who will try to destroy them. Each channel will cause a random benefit of a player, a danger to the environment or enemy buff. You can test your strength against the Amalgs to earn new weapons and new mods. In addition, the developers offer you to challenge the winged beast that wants to settle in the gas city.

and of course the new warframe - WISP. This is an invisible help hand. Its abilities based on light provide support to the allies, while its unique passivity makes it invisible in the air. To get a new warframe, you still have to destroy the winged beast.

Full description of the update here.

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