Warframe: Presented Roadmap for 2019

The beginning of this year, the developers of the Warframe shooter opened with a direct ether for the developers on which they talked about plans for this year.

, firstly, the date of the next TennoCon was announced. The event is scheduled for July 6, 2019 in London, Ontario.

Secondly, 3 warframe are in development. You can see two on the cover of the article. The first, Hildrin (the one in front), his abilities do not use energy, but she will have her own personal shield, in addition, she has a gun. The second is VISP, but so far the information about it is not disclosed.

Thirdly, several updates and expansion are being prepared. Perhaps the chapter to the history of Fortune will be added.

fourthly, in the spring exciting changes are expected to affect daily and weekly tests. They will be associated with an interesting history, comics in which a completely new hero will be involved.

fifth, a new war and a new faction, which was not presented earlier, is expected.

well, And in conclusion, there will be a lot of improvements, changes in trade, redesign and refinement of different elements of the game.

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