Warframe: tells about terrifying Amalgams

Warframe shooter developers do not want you to sleep today or at night. This is the only explanation of the type of Amalgama that they created, which was one of the brightest moments of the recent live broadcast for the MMO player.

Amalgama is a perverted mixture, and they are part of the great changes that the developers started. Not only are they terrible little freaks, but they also carry out various unique attacks when you reduce their health, such as the blow of a powerful laser beam or an attempt to destroy your shields. The popular open zone plain of Aidolon, where visual improvements and improvements to the quality of life will be presented.

Warframe also provides a little brilliance on the screen of abilities, with a video of each ability in action, as well as useful tips collected by the Community team and players project. Part of this update will be presented mainly by patch, which will appear on the PC next week.

Details on the project page.

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