Warframe: The next major update Empyrean

When the developers of the Warframe shooter first presented the Empyrean update during the annual Tennocon conference last year, it was evident that Warframe was developing. Warframe players did not get stuck anymore, running along the generated corridors or zones of the open world, such as Fortuna - now they could freely set up and pilot spacecraft in cooperative battles.

Apparently, piloting your own spaceship with friends was not enough. Now you can penetrate the enemy ship, kill his captain, and then abduct him for yourself (but you cannot save him forever). This is just one of the new Digital EXTREMES shown in Empyrean to the live audience TennoCon.

, unlike previous Warframe updates, Empyan is not just a new Warframe area with progress and awards isolated from everything else. Instead, Empyrean is intended to tie the entire Warframe into a single world. Using your spaceship, you can visit various places in space, many of which are located in orbit around the same planets where players perform ordinary missions.

Empyrean will also bring a new graphics update with it. For the first time in Warframe there will be dynamic lighting. A new graphics update is a major overhaul of a graphic engine.

The video demonstrates the whole demo and it is worth watching, as it is interesting to observe how ambitious and transforming Empyrean is. Too much for the article alone.

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