Warlords Awakening: 10 reasons why you should start playing

On the first day of release, MMORPG WARLORDS AWAKENING held the first positions among the best Steam sales. And the developers have prepared 10 reasons that explain such an unexpected success. Well, if you have not yet decided whether to start playing, then be sure to read the text below.

1. PVP Arena is a zone of a real PVP, because Here you can become an enemy of any player from around the world. The battles are held in 1x1, 2x2, 3x3 and 4x4 modes. This is where you can measure strength and prove that you are really strong.

2. Reinforced combat system. During the battle, you can get random buffs that will improve your hero skills and give the opportunity to win.

3. Awesome adventure. The number of monsters that live in different zones was increased, so you have the opportunity for an excellent farm, since you can kill many mobs at once.

4. Guild. Now you can be in a small or in the middle guild, and the dungeons are distributed in accordance with the size of the guild. However, this does not interfere with healthy competition between guilds.

5. PVE dungeons. As soon as your hero reaches a certain level, he will begin to receive the experience of superiority, which will pump the indicators of attack, defense and endurance. At the moment, the project has 6 types of dungeons in which there are a lot of obstacles that add interest to them and fascination.

6. Communication Department. This is a department consisting of YouTubeers and Streamers, they are responsible for detailed informing through a video that will be published in a special section on the game website.

7. Buy-to-Play. The Buy-to-Play game model was not chosen by chance, it will be prevented by the appearance of spam bots and gold.

8. Races and classes. At the moment, the game has four races (sapiens, naru, kartu and liru) and five classes (Assassin, Blood Knight, Hunter, Mage and Psychic).

9. Updated pets system. You can find different pets, while some of them will have their own unique abilities, for example, remote access to your warehouse or teleportation. In addition, pets can also be sled, which is very useful while traveling around the game world.

10. Always in touch. The developers are trying to invest all the best in the project, thanks to excellent connection with their users on different channels: Steam, Facebook and Discord.

MMORPG Warlords AWAKENING, August 2 around the world.

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