Warlords Awakening: gets out of early access

The isometric MMORPG Warlords AWAKENING, previously known as ELOA, comes out of early access on November 28, 2018 on Steam. Previously, ELOA and previous versions of the game abroad could be played for free, Warlords Awakening is a game that you need to buy.

Warlords Awakening will be free all over the world in this weekend on Steam from Steam 22 to November 25, so you can test this game in advance.

November 28, the following large update of the game will also be established, which increases the maximum level to 50, add 4 new dungeons, new balance settings etc.

warlords awakenging is a game that is the last version with its most outstanding features: new maximum level, 4 new dungeons, English and partugal languages, a new type of PVP, balance classes, events and much more.

to add excitement to this new exit, the game will support the community of gamers, entertaining each environment through its social networks with new events and exclusive prizes.

Time will tell if the official launch of the game can, Making the project is popular, since online in Warlords Awakening is not very high.

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