Watch Dogs Legion: The main character will be in the center of events again

ubisoft at the past presentation talked about how the Watch Dogs Legion shooting will be recruited. It is worth highlighting the moment that any refineries, regardless of who he is, can become a game character.

After the Ubisoft showed a recruitment in Watch Dogs Legion as an excellent surprise became an excellent surprise The fact that the main character of the original game is Aiden Pierce will be added to Legion.

The seasonal pass of Watch Dogs Legion, as indicated on the Ubisoft website, will include 2 new plot additions, 4 unique heroes, 3 bonus missions DEDSEC and the skin of a DEDSEC car, as well as the original experience of Aiden Pierce, Watch Dogs: Complete Edition. How exactly he will fit into the Legions package, at the moment it is not clear, since the project producer only mentioned that he would be added to the game at some point after the release.

"You asked and he returned" - said the producer. "An aged, but not necessarily wiser, Aiden Pierce will be a completely game character in Watch Dogs Legion as part of our plans after exit."

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