Wemade Entertainment announced MMORPG Legend of Ymir based on Unreal Engine 5

The Korean Wemade Entertainment Development Studio announced the latest game in the classic Legend of Mir franchise. The upcoming game called Legend of Ymir is developed using the new Epic Games Unreal Engine 5 and is the first strike of the next generation MMORPG studio.

The team plans to use UE5 capabilities to create a visually amazing play with scaling textures, expanded textures, Nanite geometry and Lumen lighting lighting systems. Like the previous franchise games, Legend of Ymir will be largely focused on PVP and, like its predecessor MIR 4, will probably also include NFT and "Play" mechanics in one form or another.

Check out the official trailer for the announcement and technical demonstration of UE5 below to look at the visual effects of the new generation of the game.

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