What unique can offer a shooter Redfall

In addition to players fighting vampires, and not with zombies or aliens, Redfall has several other unique features that distinguish it from other cooperative jacks from the first person. Bethesda SoftWorks publishes these functions in the new developers blog.

"An open world filled with riddles, a diverse list of heroes to choose from, strategic battles that will keep you in suspense, a carefully designed environment, a rich narrative , leading you around the world, a wide selection of weapons... and vampires. A lot of vampires. Vile vampires that grab you and separate from your team. Scarlet vampires that can break you and your team into pieces. God -like vampires, strong enough to overshadow the sun. Arkanian vampires "

from the point of view of the plot, Redfall vampires are not typical ordinary bloodsuckers. They have incredibly powerful extrasensory abilities that allowed them to push all the water from a bizarre island town and even block the sun, giving them complete freedom of action, regardless of the time of day.

"Our vampires are not some kind of inspiring fantasy ", - the developers say. "These are predatory monsters that eat vulnerable to become stronger. Created as a result of scientific experiments that have become subject to control and are endowed with powerful psychic abilities, Redfall vampires are not like anyone you have ever seen. "

Another feature that definitely distinguishes it from the rest - this is mechanics of secrecy. Unlike other cooperative shooters, where you can just run and shoot at the next safe house or checkpoint, Redfall allows you to steal around enemies to take a good position or even avoid battle.

"This is not just a stealth game, but a stealth player," the developers explain. "We like it, because the presence of AI with imitation of hearing and vision always leads to interesting dynamic game moments. To sneak up to enemies, avoid attention, use the right weapons and types of damage, choose when to use your crazy abilities, to know when to stop the battle and stab a vampire that has petrified from ultraviolet radiation, all this is a part of the tactically expressive gameplay Redfall. ".

initially Redfall was planned to be launched in September 2022, but it was postponed until the first half of 2023. You can watch the video below to see the visual presentation of the unique features of the game.

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