Wild Terra: switches to Free-to-Play

The MMORPG Wild Terra Online developer translates its isometric sandbox to Free-to-Play since February 12, 2019. But the company says that this is because the game itself is going well.

"Wild Terra Online is growing rapidly, we released 8 updates and free DLC in 12 months. And the number of players online, over the past 2 months has increased by more than 50%. The transition to Free-to-Play is not a necessary measure, this is the next stage of active growth. We are determined to work productively and will continue to delight you with updates, and our policy regarding microtransactions will remain the same. "

This policy is to adhere to cosmetics, convenience and status, but not power as well as provide goods for the store in the game. The reviews are generally mixed in nature, and recently a negative surge is more associated with changes in the balance of the last patch than an impending change in a business model.

those who had previously acquired the game (or bought it directly now) will receive several bonuses as encouragement.

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