Windows 7 is always difficult to say goodbye

Despite the fact that Windows 7 support is ceasing, hundreds of PC millions around the world are still using this operating system. The time has come when Windows 7 users will have to choose another operating system, or throw a lot from the OS, which will no longer receive updates from Microsoft. From today, Windows 7 has officially become obsolete OS.

"After January 14, 2020, security updating or support for computers running Windows 7 will no longer be provided. With the transition to Surface and Microsoft 365, your company devices will have built -in security, and your business will be ready for the future, "says Microsoft.

This means that PC with Windows 7 will cease to receive monthly security updates, and more There will be no technical support. To make it clear, Windows 7 will not stop functioning. This does not mean that your PC with Windows 7 will refuse to load or smoke (in any case, not because of this). But you will be subject to new threats.

is still unknown whether the attackers will more often attack PC with Windows 7 in the future.

And what OS are you using now? If it is Windows 7, do you plan to switch to Windows 10?

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