Wolfenstein: Youngblood: joint passage mode

Today, the developers of the fantastic action Wolfenstein: Youngblood talked about the joint passage mode. In the joint passage mode, you must constantly monitor your partner. After all, if your sister dies, then you will lose one of the common lives and fail the task. But if you are observant, then you will always have the opportunity to treat it before it dies. In addition, in this mode, you can use support signals that can completely change the course of the battle and raise the morale of the sisters. The further you play, the more support signals you open. You must agree with a partner on the combination of signals in order to achieve the maximum effect of action. You must constantly be on the check, because the danger does not sleep. The map will show you where the help of your sister needs, in addition, if you come across a complex enemy, only joint efforts will lead to victory.

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