World of Tanks: Refresh exit 9.19

May 30, the so-expected update for the MMO Action World of Tanks finally appeared version 9.19. The developers pre -prepared users for the exit of the update, which, accordingly, heated the already great interest.

ranks of the World of Tanks, most likely the most anticipated introduction. This regime will evaluate personal achievements in battle, and resist the enemy with a more or less equal skill. The battles occur 15 x 15 on the technique of x levels. The selection of participants takes place exclusively on ranks. One season will last within a month, and the beginning of the first is scheduled for June 5. In addition, a currency - Bona - it is made for a new regime - it is earned during the battle. It is used to purchase items that will help increase the efficiency of a combat vehicle and complement the equipment and crew skills. Some points of the interface were also changed, and the crew is added.

You can learn more about changes and innovations here.

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