World of Warcraft: Announcement of the eighth addition of Shadowlands

Blizzard announced the eighth addition of the MMORPG World of WARCRAFT called Shadowlands, where the doors to the otherworldly kingdom open.

You have to go beyond the line to find out what the Sylvanas is thinking, explore new places and meet new testaments. These are the fractions that will appear when you go through a unique storyline and get unique abilities.

A new level of restriction for this addition will take from 120 to... 60? Blizzard says: "Increase the level of your next hero using a completely updated experience 1–50, where each level makes sense, and then go to the new level of level 60 into dark lands."

Shadowlands will also present a new mode in Torgast, climbing the Tower of the Damned - a prison for people, bad enough to be sent to prison even in hell. "This is a constantly changing dungeon in the style of the Roguelike genre game, the test is open for the solo of players and groups of up to five people, and those who withstand the tests will receive from the most worthy awards of the afterlife," Blizzard says.

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