World of Warcraft Classic: Blizzard blocked more than 74,000 accounts

This week, Blizzard has blocked more than 74,000 World of Warcraft Classic accounts, most of which are banned for botherasting. In other words, it was found that accounts use automation tools to collect resources and kill enemies without the presence of a real player. Recently, the bots have been a source of great concern on the Blizzard forums, and this was probably inevitable.

Blizzard intended to solve this problem on an ongoing basis, but they warn that automatic software trade is most likely, most likely It will not go anywhere in the near future. "Trading real money makes the third parties make huge efforts to detour our detection systems," the representative of Blizzard wrote.

The studio also notes that although its own detection processes are strong and develop, there are still many collection of evidence manually. . Indeed, some players, especially passionate about the game, can even resemble an account-bot, which complicates the situation.

"Yes, there were cases when the real player seemed (another player) by a bot," the developers wrote.

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