World of Warcraft: Classic Lut trade mechanics will remain

Initially, the World of Warcraft did not have a lout trade. It was added only after the "The Anger of the King of the King" was released. But last year, when Blizzard discussed Wow Classic on BlizzCon, they explained that Lut trade was one of the functions that they want to add when launched. The players have become worried, because there is a possibility of abuse of this system by groups of players of 5 people, when 4 players get the fifth "carriage", and then refuse him prey. In response, the Blizzard community manager published at the Blizzard forum an explanation of the restrictions on how this system will work: "We decided that a two -hour Luta trade system in Wow Classic will only be applied to the equipment that falls out during raids. Personal prey, which of five people fall into, cannot be sold at any time. "

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