World of Warcraft: Classic: PVP content will open gradually

More recently, the developers of MMORPG World of Warcraft: Classic emphasized that the new content will be introduced in stages in the project. Because of this, all content was divided into six stages. Now it has become known what will happen to PVP content. From the very beginning there will be no official PVP system in Wow Classic. However, you can still kill, but there will be no fines, so you will have the opportunity to hunt for every player and NPC many times. This will change as soon as the second stage begins, and then the Honor and Awards in PVP will already be added. The third stage will open the first battlefield of the Alterrak Valley and the Song of the Song of War with the merchants associated with them. But you will not see some items on sale right away. The fourth stage will add Arati lowland, and global PVP missions can be seen at the sixth stage.

, in general, the duration of each of the stages has not been established, but the developers promised to first announce the next stage. Let me remind you that the launch of Wow Classic is scheduled for the summer of 2019 to start playing you just need to pay the main subscription.

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