World of Warcraft: Legion: “Shadows of Argus” very soon

The end of summer, namely, on August 30, will become for World of Warcraft: Legion very interesting, because it is on this day that the game will be updated to 7.3 "Argus Shadows". "Shadows of Argus" will bring to the game:

  • New plot chapters that will tell about Argus and its history;
  • new locations;
  • rare elite enemies ;
  • Treasures and equipment items;
  • A new way to improve the relics of the artifact will make it possible to change the properties of relics, will allow you to choose new features and abilities;
  • "The triumph of the triumph" is calculated for 5 players.

The world of Argus - a hostile world and adventurers await many clashes. Well, in the future, it is planned to appear another raid dungeon "Anterus, the blazing throne" and class changes, follow the news.

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