World of Warcraft talks about new opportunities

Blizzard Entertainment shared new information about some new features that will appear in the MMORPG World of WARCRAFT in Eternity’s end. One of the main points of the patch is the return of classes of classes that will be presented with significant changes aimed at increasing the frequency of their loss.

parts of the set will fall out of a separate table of the Luta for each boss, which dumps them to guarantee, that the groups will receive the right number of drop-up sets every time they pass the raid.

"We don’t want the Roid team to complete the complete cleaning and understand that they have very few elements The set, "the team explained.

Eternity's End updating will also present a new equipment converter - a catalyst that will allow players to create missing objects of a set of raid bosses or a great storage. The new feature also works as a mechanics of catching, which will allow players to quickly equip an alternative option.

"The catalyst exists as a response to the problems that we had with classes of classes in the past (when the acquisition was too fast and too fast and cast content, or was painfully slow and annoying), "the developers said.

The developers also decided to switch to the loss of the set tokens instead of real objects to give everyone more or less equal chances to acquire the necessary they needed The objects of the set, regardless of their role in the raid group.

These new functions will appear on PTR over the next few weeks. Blizzard has not yet been called the exact date of launching a living patch. Additional information can be found on the World of Warcraft Blue Tracker.

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