World of Warcraft: There was a potion of communication between fractions

The recent correction of MMORPG World of WARCRAFT introduced a potion that allows you to understand the members of the opposing fraction.

"Elixir of the Narean" can be bought from a physical liver in the stock of New Dalaran. In fact, this is the only thing you can buy from her. Maybe she should diversify her life if she is going to earn a living by selling experimental potions. The elixir will consume 30 gold with you and will allow you to understand the language of the opposing fraction for one hour.

, most of your life in the World of Warcraft faction could not easily communicate without add -ons. If you are a person listening to the orc, you cannot understand a word. The positive side of this is that you cannot see how the orc says something bad about you or your relatives.

If you drink the potion, you cannot speak the language of another fraction, but you can understand the enemy players. If you want to conduct the right conversation, another player will also need to drink an elixir, and then all the secrets of the Universe will suddenly open. Or you can simply say "Hello!".

to put it in Dalaran was a good idea, since this is a neutral platform. It turns out that the elixir waited a very long time to be used. The game designer World of Warcraft said he was in the game since Classic, as an unused alchemy recipe. More than ten years have been waiting for this.

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