World of Warcraft with the release of the Classic base of players increased by 2 times

When MMORPG World of Warcraft Classic came out in August 2019, very many began to bet on how long it would live. Some believed that the game would hold out exactly so much time, Blizzard would supply updates, while at the same time other users believed that it would be just a flash against the background of nostalgia. At the moment, while the top of the dispute is taken by those who believe that the game will be popular for a long time. During the financial presentation for the 4th quarter, Activision said that the "active players" community in World of Warcraft at the end of 2019, defined as players with a monthly or longer subscription, surpassed the largest figure more than two times before the lassic launch.

"When we developed a model for World of Warcraft Classic, it was important that the players had a single existing subscription to support both games. We think about the Wow community as the support of both, although Classic and Modern are completely different things. We intend to continue to support both of these experiences in the long run, "said Blizzard President during the conference.

" taking into account the content of content for Wow Modern and the rhythm that we have for Classic, we have completed our year with the base Subscribers, which were twice as much as at the end of the 2 -quarter. And we also see that players continue to participate in both versions. "

The third stage of the World of Warcraft Classic updates, which will include a new raid of 40 players, will be launched on February 13th.

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