World of Warships: Musical Video dedicated to the Bismarck battleship

Wargaming has never been subtle in its advertising and advertising actions. The developers are proud of the historical accuracy of their technology in various games. A couple of days ago, one of her flagship games World of Warships released a music video dedicated to one of the models of ships: the battleship of the German Navy Bismarck.

For those who are not familiar with this ship, Bismarck was a German ship Fleet intended for raider operations. It was one of the largest ships that the German fleet ever built. Perhaps, due to its size, because of his power or both Bismarck was considered as the main threat to the British fleet. He performed exactly one offensive operation, because on May 27, 1941, Bismarck was sunk off the coast of France, only eight days after his first exit.

music video with the participation of the Swedish Power-Group Sabaton shows how The group sends the ship to the Atlantic to the place where Bismarck sank. Of course, the group performs a wild, unsurpassed song, filled with pride and courage, since it re -experiences the "last battle of Bismarck." World of Warships provided the models of ships used in the video and retained as much historical accuracy as possible, "up to the time of each salvo flying over the heads of the group," the press release says.

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