World of Warships: starts season 12 of rank battles

The popular ship combat MMO World of Warships from Wargaming, announced that the 12th season of rank battles begin on May 30. This season returns aircraft carriers and adds rank ships. Locations for this season: north, sea of ​​hope, desert tears, fragments, counterattacks and a new Greece map. Keep in mind that new players will not be able to immediately jump into a ranking battles. To do this, you need to play 200 matches in any modes, and only then access to rank battles will open.

World of Warships is the second most popular Wargaming project after World of Tanks, and on average there are at the same time about 4700 simultaneous users . This figure is growing steadily from the moment the game is launched in Steam in November 2017. Probably, much more players appeared in the game outside Steam, as it was launched back in 2015.

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