World War Z: New Trailer about competitive modes

The Saber Interactive developer published a new video of the World War Z zombie, in which we can see the gameplay. If the World War Z cooperative for four users puts you against the bloodthirsty crowd of undead, then PVPVZ offers a completely unique experience, quitting you to survive both living and dead in various competitive modes developed for the battle 4.

World War z will start with the following multi-user modes:

- garbage collection raid: players rush to get resources on the map and win;

- players must take and Hold the object to earn points for the team;

- the deadly match of the crowd: two teams go to each other in a stubborn struggle to the end;

- a dominant match: capture the zones to earn points and get a team victory;

- King of the Mountain: to capture one hill, and then control it to earn victorious glasses.

world War Z will be released for PC, PS4 and Xbox One in this year.

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