World War Z: Proving Grounds update output

For the World War Z shooter, the Proving Grounds update was released, which completes the first season of free content for World War Z. The first season includes the new mission of the Sea of ​​Life in Tokyo and the configuration of extreme complexity of six skulls for all chapters for all chapters .

The "Proving Grounds" update for the World War z shooter presents the Weekly Challenge mode, a separate list of reproduction with unique modifiers of the gaming process (for example, "All weapons are replaced by crossbows" or "Players receive damage if they are too close to each other "), designed to radically change the style of the game.

Fulfillment of weekly tasks rewards you with a new currency, which can be spent on options for setting up a character, such as color schemes, hats, investments in a backpack and much Other. The update also includes a new classic combat rifle, as well as various corrections of the game and improvements.

According to the developers, new PVE cards, survival regime, special ones will appear in the second season. zombies, updates of the gameplay and even more skins.

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