World War z: The update plan includes a new mission and horde mode

Saber Interactive studio published free updates for the World War z shooter, which will appear in the next three months.

In fact, it was a surprise that another zombie game will become popular, especially based on the book , whose adaptation was six years ago. But the World War Z was able to prove that this is possible by exceeding a million sales on PC and consoles.

Now that the World War Z has received its legal success, the developer Saber Interactive told about his plans.

In May, a completely new mission in Tokyo will appear in the game, along with the terrifying type of zombie, which is distributed by the deadly virus and may be resurrected if they are not correctly destroyed.

June will bring a new level of complexity of six skulls with a unique award , bonus cosmetics and many others.

In July, the survivors will discover the new "weekly call" mode, as well as additional cosmetics and other goodies.

Other important improvements in development for further free free Updates include wave survival regime, private lobby, the ability to switch classes during PVPVZ matches, viewing field (FOV), slider levels on PC and much more.

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