Aion: Legions of War

Mobile MMORPG, which is a continuation of the famous universe Aion, the release date is January 24, 2019

type: mobile games

genre: MMORPG

payment: free (free-to-play)

developer: NCSOFT GAMES

publisher: ncsoft games

platform: mobile

release date:24 January 2019

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aion: legions of waris a mobile mobile MMORPG, which is a continuation of the famous universe Aion.

Despite the success of the Union between the Ras of the Eliites, Asmodian and Reyans in the defeat of the dragons, all the empires and most of the Daevs were destroyed in the last battle against the last Lord Dragon Ov.

Aion: Legions of War continues the last chapter of the Aion universe, where blood feud continues between two sworn enemy races. The commander of the mixed blood of Eliis-Asmodian Ren goes to his first field mission to save the priestess Astrius, after his brother was killed by an unknown traitor. Moven by the desire for revenge, Ren creates powerful alliances with both the Elines and asmodians, and goes deep into the unknown to reveal the ominous dark power, which threatens the whole atrae. boundless tactical combinations, special abilities and equipment. Use your strength to develop the final strategies that are necessary in order to become a real hero and save the world from destruction.

AAA graphics, a rich exciting storyline and fascinating action-strategic gameplay, as if in any other MMORPG. Get ready with players around the world to develop the final strategies that will bring awards, exclusive resources and glory!

Open more than 100 characters in various classes and equipment, from armored soldiers to monstrous animals and Colossal cyborgs. Build the strongest legion!

Set your heroes and equipment in accordance with your game style and strategy with unlimited capabilities. Use the power of awakening to reveal the impressive transformations of the heroes and hidden abilities!

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