Auto Chess (Dota Auto Chess)

Fantasy mobile moba based on the Dota 2 user map, the release date is May 16, 2019

type: mobile games

genre: Strategy

date of exit: May 16, 2019


Payment:free (free-to-play)

developer:drodo studio

publisher: Dragonest

play for free in Dota Auto Chess on Android: The official website

auto chessis fantasy for mobile devices, Founded on the user map Moba Dota 2. This game very quickly received its audience and popularity. Auto Chess, also known as Dota Auto Chess is the creation, placement and improvement of figures on the chessboard. You are doing this along with seven other players, each of whom hopes to survive others. In fact, you do not need to know anything about chess to play. And you don’t even need to know anything about Dota 2. This is a game of how to manage the probability, manage your economy and monitor your opponents, because you pull out figures from one pool.

Dota Auto Chess is played in rounds, and each round has the order of events that occur the same every time.

Firstly, you will collect your income in gold coins. This is the beginning of the phase of the strategy, during which the game will collect five figures for selection. These are the heroes of Dota 2, and they will be your "chess" figures throughout the game. You can buy any items that you can afford, and at this time you will also have the opportunity to place your figures on the board, equip them with objects that you collected, and combine the figures into more powerful variations. You have 30 seconds for working at the strategy stage, and you should use this time wisely.

The next phase of the battle, which is completely dependent on hand: your formation of figures will automatically encounter a copy of the enemy or in certain rounds Against a group of neutral crews or monsters. The opponent is determined randomly, and it is important to remember that this is a copy of the enemy’s boards-the player that you face in any given round can fight someone else.

If you win, you will receive a golden bonus , and if you lose, the remaining enemy figures on the board will damage your donkey. As soon as the HP of your donkey reaches zero, you will not be.

Your task is in Auto Chess - to collect the strongest army that you can. You do this, making figures for the money that you earn, and, collecting three of any figures, you can combine them into one, more powerful version of this hero. Thus, you will combine three heroes of the first level in one hero of the second level, and three heroes of the second level - in the hero of the third level.

Since they are all heroes from Dota 2, your figures have their own appearance and class. Having passed several rounds, you will see how more expensive heroes appear, and these are very risky figures that need to be taken into account. From the point of view of positioning, a lot depends on the characters available to you.

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