Avabel Online

MMORPG, 2020

Type: Client Games

Genre: MMORPG, Action

Date of Output: January 08, 2020

Platform: PC, Mobile

Payment: free (free-to-play)

developer: asobimo inc.

publisher: asobimo inc.

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Avabel Online is a free three -dimensional MMORPG gaming and published by the Japanese company Asobimo Inc. Your trace in the world of MMORPG. Avabel Online has gained very popular after entering the mobile platform in English on February 4, 2013, partly due to the exceptional quality of the mobile game and partly due to the lack of MMORPG on Android and iOS. With the constant world, fighting and magnificent Avabel Online graphics, it quickly became one of the most popular MMORPG on mobile devices. And today she got to Steam.

Avabel Online begins with the creation of a character where you can choose the character’s floor and configure it using several hairstyles and faces options. From the start of the game you have no class, and you can use only one -handed swords and daggers. At 5, you can already choose your first class out of seven possible. Each class has various skills with unique functions and different gameplaying processes from the point of view of battle. Players are recommended to test each class, and they can switch between classes at any time up to 30 levels. Players can unlock the advanced classes at the level 50, where they will have a choice between several advanced versions of their current classes.

Avabel Online consists of a large three -dimensional world with an excellent environment both above the ground and under it. Avabel has a half -open world, that is, each card is a large permanent area with portals (on both sides) to go to the next or previous level. Each zone is teeming with monsters for battle and players for interaction. The game describes these zones as floors on the tower. This is a little difficult to visualize, since each of these zones is outdoors, but, according to the developers, the passage of each zone is similar to climbing the tower. There are only sixteen floors in the game. The dungeons are not considered part of the tower, since they are underground. Dungeons are another aspect of the game where players can choose a group with other players or solo for completion.

combat animation is quite fast, and although not as smooth as many newer role-playing games, it is still responsive and creates an exciting experience. Some floors have special bosses wandering around with a huge amount of HP and the power of attack. Bosses will make you feel that you are playing Monster Hunter, in addition, they can discard really rare objects. Nevertheless, they are very complex, since they can kill the hero in one or two shock. To everything you can also compete in PVP in real time with other players to get achievements that give combat experience and skills experience.

System requirements


OS: Windows 7/8.1/10 ( 32/64BIT)

processor: Intel Core i5


video card: DirectX 9.x

DirectX: Versions 9.0

Network: broadband Internet connection

Place on the disk: 10 gb

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