Ax: Alliance vs Empire

MMORPG for mobile devices with a constantly changing open world, the release date is February 21, 2019

type: mobile games

genre/Strong>: MMORPG, Action

Payment: Free (free-to-play)

developer: nexon gt

publisher: nexon

platform: mobile (Android)

Date of exit:February 21, 2019

Free play Axe: Alliance vs Empire: Official website

Download Ax: Alliance vs Empire for Android for Android in Google Play

download Ax: Alliance vs Empire in the App Store

axe: Alliance vs Empire- Complete MMORPG for mobile devices with a constantly changing open world. The empire Darkhan and the Empire Galanos were stuck in the battle and will be lively using the Unity 5 Vulkan technology. 150 users will be able to fight at the same time 75 by 75 PVP in real time, as well as AX: Alliance VS Empire offers other cooperative and competitive modes for players to test their strength. There is also a regime that offers fights against four players.

The Axe has an in -game vocal system that allows you to communicate with friends during raids, joint missions and matches between players.

You You can monitor your rivals with the help of the AX pursuit and revenge, so you can track and pursue enemy players.

You can create and configure your characters. At the moment, the game offers 6 unique and powerful classes. Each character can be equipped with a variety of weapons, equipment, abilities and others that can be adapted to your play style. In a single -user adventure of AX, you will explore various locations in an open world where you will meet unique characters and enemies, perform quests and goals to earn powerful production and equipment to further increase the level and configure your characters.

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