Black Desert Mobile

Mobile version of the popular fantasy MMORPG Black Desert Online, Release date - February 28, 2018

Type: Mobile games

genre: MMORPG

Payment: Free (free-to-play)

Developer:Pearl Abyss

Publisher:Pearl Abyss


Date of exit:February 28 February 28 2018

play for free in Black Desert Mobile: The official website

Black Desert Mobile is a mobile version of the popular fantasy MMORPG Black Desert Online. Although Black Desert Mobile is a mobile version, much in the game was changed in order to make a game on mobile devices more smooth and lighter.
BDM was created with a self -developing engine created by Pearl Abyss, and managed to demonstrate good content and high -quality graphics of the original Black Desert Online. Its exciting animation, diverse interesting content and payment policy that does not harm the game itself attracted great attention to the public. Div>Black Desert Mobile is easily reproduced with medium graphic settings with ZTE Trek 2, which is considered a budget tablet. The tablet is equipped with the Snapdragon 617, 2 GB of RAM and not at all like a high -class tablet. Despite this, the game did not have a significant drop in personnel in the process of creating a character, training programs and an early gaming process.

Of course, the tablet could not display the highest quality graphics, as the latest models do, but the optimization level above initial expectations. Optimization proves how much PEARL ABYSS has improved since the release of PC BDO in 2014 and during the development of the BDO and BDO Mobile console. Pearl Abyss has developed a engine that can be used not only for mobile devices, but also for other platforms.

Improving objects - the strengthening system
since the improvement system system Items in PC BDO are what gives the players the greatest disappointment. Objects lose maximum strength with unsuccessful improvement, accessories disappear forever, and you need fels to improve the subject.

the improvement system in BDO Mobile is very different. First of all, objects do not have strength, so there is no need to restore them. The chance of success will always be displayed on the improvement screen, and there are no fals. When you want to increase the likelihood of success, you use several black stones in one improving session instead of the accumulation of fals. Black stones have 4 degrees, and each black stone gives different probability of success. The higher the rank of black stone, the higher the probability of success. If you have enough black stones, you can spend as many black stones as you want, and increase the likelihood of success to 100%. , your equipment will not be reduced. Nevertheless, you will lose all the black stones you used, and the success indicator will become 0. After an unsuccessful improvement, you can restore part of the success by spending silver.

the transmission system of improvements is a new system in BDO Mobile, where you are You can transfer the level of improvement of one object to another. If you transfer the level of improvement to another subject, you do not need to start all over again from the base level and spend tons of black stones again. The levels of improvement can decrease slightly during the process, but a good amount will be safely transferred to a new equipment.

teleport, dungeon and estate
In the mobile version, you do not need to lose precious time to move to another region. You can teleport to other areas, and your horse will always walk with you wherever you are. A teleport is an absolutely necessary function in a mobile game with such a huge card.

In the mobile version of the Boss call scroll, the bosses of the scroll dungeon can be obtained from daily quests and daily free gifts. Each boss of the dungeon requires less than 10 minutes to appear, and the animation when calling the boss is very similar to the computer version.

houses are similar to the housing system, but this is much more. The estate is a separate field that you can enter at any time by clicking on the estate button in the upper right corner. You can build buildings with various functions that are crucial for the gameplay. There are buildings that can produce black stones, equipment, potions and Kronen stones. Versions for PC you need to collect several knowledge to fill in the category and increase maximum energy. Nevertheless, there is no energy in the mobile version, and knowledge will instantly give additional characteristics (protection, additional craft experience, experience gained, etc.) when you get it.

The black spirit has its level In the mobile version. You can give unnecessary equipment to the black spirit, and it will absorb objects and gain experience. When the level of the black spirit rises, the characteristics of the character (applied to all characters in the account) increase.

Auto-game and battle
Pressing on the keyboard and introduction Teams are impossible on mobile devices, so you just need to click on the skills you want to use. And sometimes you don’t even need to do this, since the function of automatic battle in Bdo Mobile is incredibly thought out and convenient.
Pearl Abyss tried to convey the dynamic effect of the PC version to the mobile version using the angles of the camera, the vibration of the camera and the movement of the frame. When the character uses skills, the camera places the character in the center and rotates in accordance with the direction to which the character strives. The graphic effects of skills are completely displayed on the screen, and the player can see that the skills work as planned.
microtransactions and a box with Luta
Pearl stores are similar to those that are in the computer version. Cosmetics and weight gain - the main money, you can also buy potions in the mobile version. Nevertheless, potions are also available in NPC stores and will not greatly affect the gameplay.

one of the gaming objects available in boxes with pearl loot is a "lighting stone", which is a new type of objects, available only in the mobile version. Lighting stones will give additional characteristics, but the characteristics are not so large, and the stones are available in the box that you can buy for silver.

bdo mobile is an amazing game, but there are still opportunities for improvements. The number of microtransactions is acceptable, and the graphics and actions are amazing. Of course, it is impossible to transfer all the functions of the version for PC to the mobile version. A big game world without any distortion, a complex system of craft skills and a trading system may not be suitable for a mobile game.

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