Call of Duty: Mobile

Mobile version of the popular MMO first -person shooter Call of Duty, Release date - October 01, 2019

Type: Mobile games

Genre: Shooter

Exit date: October 01, 2019

platform: mobile

payment: free (free-to-play)

developer: tencent

Publisher: Activision

play for free in Call of Duty: Mobile on Android: Official website

call of duty: mobile is a mobile version of the popular MMO shooter From the first person Call of Duty. The first important change that you can notice in Call of Duty Mobile is a neat control layout. Movement can be controlled by pressing anywhere on the left side of the screen. This eliminates the need to put your hand exactly in the right place on the screen if you want to move your character.

The control of control is deep and simple, and at the same time allows you to display your gameplay exactly as you want. The basic shooting control is of two types: players can choose automatic or hand -fire.

in automatic fire mode, the weapon automatically shoots if the enemy is in the crosshair. So that this does not become an unfair advantage, there is a small pause between when you are aiming at the enemy, and when the weapon shoots.

one more important point should be noted here: in manual shooting mode (extended mode) you can simultaneously Change the angle of inclination of the camera, holding the fire button and moving it left and right.

The actual gameplay is fast and smooth, as in the modern Call of Duty. You can slip, jump, run and squat using screen controls.

The main game still consists of perks and progression. At the beginning of the game, you do not have the opportunity to use any benefits. By the time you reach the level 6, special secondary weapons and attributes of perks become available. The mobile version of Call of Duty also has a special function that allows the user to configure various murder awards.

The mobile version of Call of Duty combines several well -known cards from the Black Ops and Modern Warfare series.

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