Chess Rush

Mobile auto-shahmat, release date July 03, 2019

type: mobile games

genre: moba

release date: July 03, 2019

platform: mobile

payment: Free (free-to-Play)

developer: tencent

publisher: tencent


Free to play the Chess Rush on Android: The official website

Like Dota in 2010, Auto Chess seems to be in fashion for developers. Over the past year, Moba Dota 2 has gained popularity and is now a separate name available in Epic Game Store (Heh), App Store and Google Play Store. Valve set about action and released Dota Underlords, their own strategic game. Even Riot created his own version of the game. Now, Tencent also wants to have fun.

The logical Chess Rush is now available on Android and iOS mobile platforms and is absolutely free. Tencent advertises Chess Rush as a game in which you can win using "pure skill and a little good luck", and that microtransactions will not affect the quality of the gameplay. It would be naive to expect that Tencent will refuse to purchase in applications, but at least they are cosmetic.

The game is a match on a 8 × 8 chessboard, and players can create commands from the list more than more than 50 different characters. Chess Rush offers both classic and turbo matches. Classic matches are much longer-up to 40 minutes, while turbo matches can be completed in just 10, it is very similar to the turbo mode in Dota2. those ultra 1337 gamers who should rise to the top of the list of leaders. Finally, the game has a cooperative mode in which you can fight with other teams with friends. Like Auto Chess, the game has a cool curve of training. It may take some time to understand the interaction between departments and formulate the strategy accordingly.

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