Diablo Immortal

mobile MMO Action/RPG, Release date - in development

type: mobile games

genre: MMORPG, RPG, Action

Payment: One -time purchase

Developer: Blizzard, Netease

Publisher: Blizzard

platform: mobile

Date of Refinement:in development

Play Diablo Immortal: Official website

Diablo Immortalis MMO Action/RPG (MMOOORARPG), which is developed by Blizzard Entertainment together with NETEASE for mobile devices . The developers call this project not told by the head of Diablo. The plot unfolds, somewhere between Diablo II and Diablo III. According to the plot, the stone of the universe was defeated, but its fragments are still endowed with crazy force. Since negative energy comes from fragments, which simply attracts ancient demons with a magnet, you will have to deal with the consequences of the destruction of the stone. Diablo minions are going to collect fragments and apply them to revive their master and enslave humanity.

the main city and your base will be Westmarsh, at that time it was not yet desecrated by Maltaeal. And he was a wonderful city where various travelers and adventure lovers gathered. In this city you can find everything you need, your chest and merchants will be here.

But at the start of the Diablo Immortal project, 9 open areas will include.

mmoarpg Diablo Immortal offers your choice six game classes: a barbarian, monk, a sorcerer, crusader, demon hunter, necromancer. Each of them has 3 unique abilities. In addition, each class in Diablo Immortal has a set of 12 or more skills. The exact number varies from class to class. Of these 12 skills, you can choose 5 those that you want to assign on an active key.

Among the monsters you can see those who are known to you from other games of the world of Diablo, but also completely new creatures that are unprecedented before so far. One of them is the belong of Scarn, who do not doze off and collects a huge undead army to get all the fragments of the stone.

to Diablo Immortal, the developers try to transfer the genuine Diablo gameplay to the mobile device. With the help of only one form of input with the thumb, you can activate the ability, charge the ability, aim or cancel the action.

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