Forza Street

A game for one player about automobile races, release date - April 15, 2019

type: client games, mobile games

genre: Racing

Date of Output:April 15, 2019

Platform: PC, Mobile (iOS Android)

Payment: Free (free-to-play)

developer: Turn 10 Studios

Publisher: Xbox Game Studios

play for free on PC and Android in Forza Street: Official site

Forza Streetis a game for one player about car races. But in fact, Forza Street is one of those games with automatic reproduction where the interaction with the player is minimal and the cash store is strong.

In fact, this is not a new project, but a rebranding of the game Miami Street, which was released on PC in 2018, because... well, there is no need to be a marketing specialist to understand that the Forza name is more popular than Miami or some other random word. Because the Forza series is really magnificent, and Forza Motorsport and Forza Horizon, and this name can attract some inattentive players.

Forza Street - a game of races in which you do not go. Your task is to just accelerate by pressing the mouse button, and then let it go, and then press it again to accelerate. Yes, in fact, this is all you need to do, the car turns on its own when you look at how the "race" unfolds. The goal is to assemble more cars so that you can participate in even more exciting races.

Of course, you can unlock new machines, and most importantly, this is the existence of a system of energy, which means that you will ultimately be forced to either stop playing or starting to spend gold to replenish your energy bar. Each time you participate in the race on one of your cars, one wear division is added to it, and the machines should be repaired after receiving three wear divisions using the repair kit. You know, most likely, this is not free.

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