Honkai Impact 3RD

Mobile anime action, output date - October 14, 2016

type: mobile games

genre: Action

release date:October 14, 2016

platform: mobile (Android, iOS), PC

payment: a one -time purchase

developer: mihoyo

publisher: mihoyo

Play Honkai Impact 3RD on Android: Official website

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download Honkai Impact 3RD 2 in the App Store

Honkai impact 3RD- anime action, the main attractiveness of the game is a purposeful combat system, the tone of the proposed content and of course The same virtual wiof on the display.

Honkai Impact 3RD is complete without any cunning tactics of encouraging purchases in applications that amazes the most, if not all mobile games, then at least it comes with a real game that you can play, receive pleasure and ultimately make purchases.

Honkai Impact 3RD is a war against Honkai's creatures, and an organization was created for this. This organization consists of lovely women warriors or valciria, which is very convenient, since this is a game in which an exciting game goes hand in hand with exciting battles in the arena. This is Kiana, May and armor. Everyone has their own style, a combat suit and weapons, with several alternative combat costumes and costumes that can be unlocked. Other Valkyrie also wait for them to be unlocked, but there are frequent cases when some of them get access during events, which gives you the opportunity to try them out in battle earlier. Considering that it requires a lot of effort to unlock new characters and costumes, this is a pleasant turn.

The combat system in the Honkai Impact 3RD is not very common in mobile games. While the arenas can be small or divided into secondary segments that open when you defeat enemies, there is a real combat system in the action, which always requires a movement controlled by the player, honed mechanics and a true skill. This is exciting, intensively and quickly, and it is gaining momentum when you have a ready -made detachment of three valciria. When you switch between them on the fly and maximize their abilities, you feel the confidence that you control, and not just observe how in most mobile games.

there is a perfect evasion system, which makes it possible to deliver a response, And each girl has the main skill and maximum ability to use. Often you get the opportunity to change your Valkyrie and create a number of destructive combo. It is unnecessary to say that everything moves smooth and look very good.

time from time to time you will fight along with two other players, creating a detachment of three people, fighting with enemies. Later you will open the adventure mode, unexpectedly you will abandon you into an open world filled with quests and missions.

it is worth saying about the hostel. This is a place where you can hang with Chibi valkiers, improve their abilities (for example, with the help of simulators), and ultimately expand the hostel using more rooms and purchase various furniture and clothes to build an amazing place.

Valkyrie can and should be modernized in several ways, which leads to an endless flow of options and movements between the menu in order to get the maximum return from each character.

It is extremely important to increase the level and combat power of each Valkyrie, choosing and improving their best weapons, stigmata and skills. This requires tons of various materials and currencies, which will require great patience and many days of the game. Among the materials and fragments that you often earn, Stigmat is a case that deserves special attention. Apparently, these are the spirits of the fallen warriors. Their practical use is to give your Valkyrie some kind of impulse, with three stigmata on the character. Among other things, you can get additional physical damage, health glasses or protective strengthening, so they cannot be ignored.

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