Lineage 2: Revolution

mobile MMORPG, Release date - November 15, 2017

Type: Mobile games

genre: MMORPG

payment: free (free-to-play)

developer: netmarble

publisher: netmarble

platform: mobile

Date of Release:November 15, 2017

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download Lineage 2: Revolution on Android: Google Play

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lineage 2: Revolution - NCSOFT mobile MMORPG, licensed NCSOFT for developing by -product in the Lineage series. This is the best MMORPG in its class, which combines magnificent visual effects with easy menu and instructions, but is largely based on auto -Ing and basic structures of missions that distract most of the player. The game presents high -quality graphics that can compete with computer MMORPG thanks to Unreal Engine 4, borrowing the Lineage 2 graphics on PC. Possessing the same world and knowledge as L2, the game offers the opportunity to play on the go. Play for three different classes: warrior, archer and magician, and choose one of four races to go out on the battlefield. Unlike Lineage 2 and Lineage 2: Blood Oath, players can choose any combination of race / class at their discretion. Some of the features of the game include a siege war, multiplayer dungeons and a wide range of combat abilities.

lineage 2: Revolution follows many traditional MMOs - you create one character from four classes, fall into the zone for beginners and begin to kill monsters. Or, to be more accurate, you are almost instantly told to press the Auto-Quest button and observe how your character runs from NPC to NPC, from time to time killing enemies between conversations.

You can directly control your own A character, if you want, but there are no incentives for this. The analog joystick is a little uncomfortable, and the computer fights much better than you, so you can just let the game play yourself. So that this does not become too boring, the battles themselves look great. The animation of your characters is overstated to the ridiculous, and each area is full of enemies that you need to kill, which allows you to complete tasks in a matter of seconds.

You never feel too stunned. There is an isometric projection that does not allow you to see too much the world and go crazy, and the characters' systems gradually open before you as you advance.

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