Mu Origin 2

fantasy mobile MMORPG, release date May 28, 2019

type: mobile games

genre: MMORPG

release date: May 28, 2019

platform: mobile

payment: Free (free-to-Play)

developer: webzen

publisher: webzen

Free play MU Origin 2 on Android: the official site

game for android version 4.4 and above

mu Origin 2- This is a fantasy mobile MMORPG. In Mu Origin 2, there are 3 classes in total: a swordsman, a magician and an archer, and the design of the classes is inherited from Mu Online. Combat capabilities are measured by a scale that can be increased with increasing character levels, improving equipment and increasing the level of your skills. The game goes with an autoboy that automatically plays skills, and uses hilk and potion when health or mana is below a certain level. The automatic mechanism is also available for quests when you accepted the task, the character will automatically go to the destination. An increase in the level of your character in this game does not look gloomy, because plot tasks give enough experience points. In addition to plot quests, there are daily tasks that also give many experience points. With a large number of tasks around, you do not have to constantly kill monsters to increase your hero’s level.

In addition to pumping levels and quests, PVP is one of the main functions that makes the game interesting for someone, but for someone interesting Someone annoying. With the exception of urban areas, the entire environment in the game includes PVP, which means that any player can fight each other. By turning the goal of an attack from the "friendly" into "attacking all", you will be able to hit any player within the skills range. The killing of other players may seem funny, but there is a remuneration system for the capture of the PC-Ashnika. For the murder of a player who decided to follow the path of the criminal and kill other players, a reward was appointed. There is another PVP mode, this is an arena. The player will need to fight the enemy in the arena, and the winner will receive an increase in the rank with victory. The player will be rewarded accordingly on the basis of his daily rating at the end of the day.

Mu Origin 2 Android, perhaps not the best game on a mobile phone, but it looks attractive thanks to the fashionable visual effects in skills and equipment. When the player updates his equipment to a certain level, the armor will begin to glow. With a higher level of equipment improvement, the glow effect will become more noticeable for others (perhaps this is a warning for the criminal so that he thinks before attacking). One of the equipment slots is wings, each class has a different wings design.

Mobile games in our time usually go with microtransactions, MU Origin 2 is no exception. Donat in this game can bring many advantages to players who are ready to pay. From the expansion of the warehouse to the modernization of equipment with jewelry. We can say that the Donat can ruin the game, but in this case it depends on how you look at it.

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