The Elder Scrolls: Legends

Strategic Card game, release date - March 08, 2017

Type: Client games

genre: KKI, KKI, KKI, KKI Strategy

payment: free (free-to-play)

developer: Dire Wolf Digital

publisher: Bethesda Softworks

platform: PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Mobile

Date of output:March 08, 2017

play for free in The Elder Scrolls: Legends: Official website

the Elder Scrolls: Legends is a strategic card game In which all the components of The Elder Scrolls fit. Here you will meet previously well -known characters, creatures, locations and skills, but in this project it’s not enough only to be able to read spells and fight with various monsters, you still need to think tactically, thinking over your moves in advance.

in The Elder Scrolls: Legends you will see a large number of different cards that are unique and have individual skills. With the card you can deprive the opponent of vitality, or leave it without protection, and possibly even earn positive effects. The project contains a fairly simple, but thoughtful and amazing system of destruction of runes, with which you can play your cards during the enemy’s attack, which will radically change the course of the battle.

it is worth paying attention to the fact that an important point There is a place where cards are played. The battlefields are separated by two lines, thanks to which you will have more the opportunity to make a tactical move.

is in The Elder Scrolls: Legends and the story campaign where you can fight the computer, test yourself, and even learn dexterous maneuvers enemy. This game option is suitable for any player with any game experience. After all, passing single games, you can get a reward and unlock unique cards.

If you easily possess all tactical techniques, you can take your decks and experience yourself online.

Naturally, the more experience you get, the more good rewards you get. In addition, you can improve your cards.

System requirements

OS: Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows 8

processor: AMD Athlon 64 X2, Intel Pentium D

Video card: AMD Radeon X1600, GeForce 6800

Memory: 2gb

Place on the disk: 3gb

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